Refrigerated Semitrailer

The refrigerated semitrailer superstructures were developed specifically for long-distance transport and for wholesale under controlled temperatures. The UNITRANS refrigerated semitrailer  is the most suitable and avant-garde product. The compound material of the refrigerated semitrailer structure was developed in order to withstand the high cargo loads. The components and accessories were specifically designed to be always functional and modern, and to meet the parameters of resilience, durability and lightness.

General characteristics

A.T.P. Class I.R. (Reinforced Isothermality), with refrigerating F.R.C. for transport as low as – 20°C
Floor Self-supporting and reinforced floor for pallets
Sidewalls Normal structure or carrying walls for meats transports on request
Roof Normal structure or reinforced for meats hanging on request
Inside-finish Gel-coat suitable for foodstuffs transport
Outside-finish Gel-coat isophtalic white UNITRANS (other colors on request)
Isolation materials All UNITRANS refrigerating superstructures are manufactured with ecological isolation materials, according to CE regulations
Floor Ceiling Side walls Front wall Back doors
 105  105  60  105  60

Standard characteristics

  • Reinforced floor for pallets transport in white gel-coat
  • Aluminium kick-plate, H. 300 mm from the floor, recessed on the side walls and front wall panel
  • Reinforced front wall panel, for the refigeration unit fitting
  • Interior neon ceiling lights
  • Maximum clearance, full swing double rear door, with stainless steel locks and hinges
  • Rubber door catch and impact protection for the fasteners
  • Stainless steel hinges and fasteners
  • Stainless steel rear door type ‘C’
  • Rubber “VR” type perimetral profile with front vertical stainless steel protection-profile, top horizontal aluminium profiles and bottom rubber profile
  • Predisposition for marker lights
  • Stainless steel handle recessed in the right side
  • Superstructure in white gel-coat

Optionally, we offer the external profile in aluminum, whereby the front vertical profiles are rounded in aluminum.

Hanging meat system

Double deck system