A cutting-edge customer, who has been choosing us for many years as a trusted partner for an all-Italian synergy.

We thank Torello group for the invitation to have Unitrans among the exclusive participants at the “Torello Meets 2018” event on May 4th, held at the HUB of Piacenza, with the speech made by the CEO Unitrans, dr. D’ Alconzo.

“Unitrans has been manufacturing fiberglass reinforced Isothermic transport solutions since 1967. The company has always been careful to introduce new molding methods, combined with production processes that bring competitive advantages to its partners. To understand and interpret the needs of the market in advance, that was and it’s the Unitrans success.

Since 1989, Unitrans has abandoned vans painting with the introduction of a hot hydraulic press for molding sandwich panels, which has allowed us to accelerate the process of production (greater efficiency), also reducing the environmental impact.  The energy impact, energy cost for the production of vans, is less than 2% of the cost of production.

The results of this production process can be summarized in the following points:

  • Maximum payload: our vehicles are built with 75-80% of composite materials and polyurethane that make the tare 15% lighter than equivalent vehicles built by other manufacturers.
  • High load volume: thanks to the size of our plants, Unitrans is able to produce vehicles with over 100 cubic meters of internal volume under the ATP FRC regime, we are the only ones in Europe to produce Mega Trailers for the transport of cargo pallets at – 20 ° C.
  • Remarkable mechanical features: our panels are made of a single element with reinforced fiberglass, with high resistance to UV rays and chemical agents.
  • Long time thermic performances: panels are built in huge molds of 16.5 by 3.5 meters. During the molding phase, inserts and metal reinforcements are introduced, necessary for fixing equipment and frames, insulated from each other. The absence of thermal bridges and consequently the high thermal stability leads to lower fuel consumption.
  • Low repair costs: any repairs are due to a simple bodywork, not requiring special skills. This translates into short downtime and lower costs.

We can say that the choice of purchase an Unitrans product is part of a Green logic, both for the production process and for the management of the vehicle during its life. The advantages of Unitrans are and will always be current as transport needs to be competitive in reducing waste and increasing the efficiencies of its fleet.

Thanks to the Torello family for giving us this opportunity to be here on this important day for the entire Italian logistics. ”

The theme of the event: the GREEN, for sustainability and ecology in the world of transportation, ever more marked and felt.

This is an extract of the underlying mission that characterized the entire event:

“… Of course this would not be possible without the help of partners such as Michelin, Daimler, Carrier, Unitrans and so on with whom we do not only share the business, but also a basic sustainable philosophy.”